Does boxing have a nostalgia problem?

Rock River Valley Insider: Sammy Mandell was a boxing champ

Fans have to find something to do and imagining Manny Pacquiao fighting Roberto Duran fits the bill. Boxing fans like to take a trip down memory lane, that much is clear. The question is whether that’s a problem. Kang opines that “the popularity of mixed martial arts can be explained by the fact that it’s a new sport, unburdened with the cranky invectives of old men who won’t let you enjoy a fight without telling you exactly how little you know about the history of the sport.” Unfortunately, that kind of thing is hard to prove. I can say from personal experience, though, that the emphasis on history is intimidating. After following the sport for five years, I can recite the list of lineal heavyweight champions from memory and I have a working knowledge the upper divisions in the post-war period but things become fuzzy below the welterweight or lightweight.

Boxing Her Way to Equality and Justice

Current pro fighters would have to join the AIBA league at least two years prior to the Olympics and remain in it for at least two years after the Games to be eligible, according to Agence France-Press. I am extremely concerned by the commandeering of those participating in the Olympics by the AIBA, King wrote. Their policy demanding that participants sign exclusive PROFESSIONAL contracts with AIBA in order to participate in the Olympics is tantamount to monopoly, coercion and restraint of trade. King also argued that pitting AIBA professionals against the regular mix of amateur Olympic boxers could be problematic. While it is accepted in team sports such as basketball and football, professionals and amateurs competing together and against other teams, at best, it can result in an upset, amateurs beating the professionals; or at worst, it can result in an embarrassing score by the professionals over the amateurs, King wrote.

“He’ll be a little rusty after the time off, so we’ll see,” Arum said. “He’s young enough that the rust shouldn’t affect him.” Said Chavez: “I am looking forward to getting back in the ring and prove that I am still one of the best in the world. Vera is a tough guy with an aggressive style, and I am sure we will give the fans a great fight.” As for the weight, Chavez has had mighty struggles getting down to 160. Initially, the weight for the fight with Vera, in the works for months, was going to be 164 pounds. “Now it’s 168.

Another colorful boxing incongruity

One night in New York, a brawl erupted just a few rows in front of where I was sitting at Madison Square Garden. About a dozen guys were hammering the hell out of each other, punching and kicking in a frenzy of violence that could easily have spread to where I sat frozen, heart racing, eyes riveted on the impromptu melee. But despite the proximity of the altercation, my companions and I were safe, considered noncombatants because we were neither Puerto Ricans nor Dominicans, the nationalities of the warring parties. I forget whether it was the Dominican or Puerto Rican boxer who got the benefit of the decision that started the fracas, but jingoistic pride was clearly at the heart of the matter. Today, police forces and professional armies do most of the heavy lifting, but we still send forth our champions in the guise of sports heroes, and no athletic endeavor cuts closer to the bone of mortal combat than boxing.

Don King rips boxing federation’s plan for professionals in Olympics

Once known as the female lightweight boxing champion of the world. Back in the United States and very much immersed in the Harlem Renaissance era of theatre and dance, Emma danced in the famous musical Shuffle Along, the first Broadway musical written, produced and performed by African Americans. In 1929 she appeared in the theatre production Harlem at the Apollo Theatre. But it was as a boxer that Emma eventually became most famous. In 1927 she had appeared in a boxing skit in Paris where she and fellow African American boxer Aurelia Wheeldin boxed for three rounds during their stage presentation. Both women had filed for licenses to box the French female boxing champion, Jeanne Le Mar.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. back to boxing

He and manager Eddie Kane had to put up $50,000 for Kansas to defend his title. Only 15,000 people watched the match because of the rain, and Mandell lost nearly $18,000. But he was the lightweight champion of the world. Mandell was not overpowering he was 5-6, 135 pounds but he was elusive. Boxing experts said he had the greatest educated left hand in the history of the boxing game. Mandell used those tools to defend his title twice, beating future world welterweight champion Jimmy McLarnin in 15 rounds on May 21, 1928, in New York City; and future lightweight and junior welterweight champion Tony Canzoneri on Aug. 2, 1929, at Chicago Stadium.

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