Fight club: Boxing gives teenagers hope in crime hotspot

There is life after boxing for Boom2x

The Hillbrow Boxing Club has done a lot for the community. Rita Mrwebi, boxing champion Khosi himself began boxing to avoid a life of crime. By the age of 20 he was fighting professionally across South Africa. Yet his career came to an abrupt end seven years later after a brutal robbery left him with a limp and damaged eye. “I was very sad,” recalls Khosi. “I had no career. I can’t do anything when I’m crippled.

Boxing: Doha to stage 2015 AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships

Irish boxing squad

I am training the Philippine Air Force cadets in boxing, Bautista said in Cebuano. I look at this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Its an honor to work with the military. They have sacrificed a lot for our country and have given us pride. If I did not become a boxer, I would have been a soldier. Bautista is now spending his time at the Villamor Air Base but he denies talks that he is training to be a pilot. I just teach the air force personnel the basics of boxing. I dont have a formal military rank yet. Bautista turned 27 last June and is spending more time with his family and is a proud father of a five-month old son, Rey Gabriel.

After school, local boys flock to the gym to learn the basics of boxing -- how to move, jab and defend. No fee is required as the goal is to keep youngsters off the streets.

ESNews reporter Elie Seckback and his pals watched a boxing match between Khusnulgatin and Nathan Baldwell and they were surprised by what they saw. Apparently, Khusnulgatin strikingly resembles the facial feature of no other than U.S. President Barack Obama. But there’s something more in him than boxing fans should like – Khusnulgatin has mean punching power. The Russian Obama lived up to his hype, booking a sensation knockout win after landing a big left hook on the jaws of Nathan and follow it up with a right hand straight to finish him off for good. Khusnulgatin is still learning his way around to be a better boxer but he certainly has the potential to make some noise in boxing in the coming years.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. back to boxing

The presentation we received today really confirmed the motivation the city and the entire country show in delivering the best AIBA World Boxing Championships ever. It is very exciting for AIBA to explore new horizons and we are looking forward to visit Doha in 2015. The AIBA EC also thanks the city of Bangkok and the representatives from the Thailand Boxing Association who presented us a very good bid. We are delighted with the trust and confidence of the AIBA Executive Committee, said Mr. Yousif Al Kazim, Secretary General of the QBF. We have no doubt that the AIBA World Boxing Championships Doha 2015 will be one of the best in the history of the sport and that new standards will be set in this brand new region for AIBA.

Boxing News 2013: The ‘Russian Obama’ Will Be The Next Big Thing In Boxing

Vera is a tough guy with an aggressive style, and I am sure we will give the fans a great fight.” As for the weight, Chavez has had mighty struggles getting down to 160. Initially, the weight for the fight with Vera, in the works for months, was going to be 164 pounds. “Now it’s 168. Both sides agreed,” Arum said.

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