Warning to Mayweather: Canelo is not a ‘handicapped’ opponent

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Klitschko had the clear edge in power, speed and size. There’s nothing wrong with having the advantage. It’s unavoidable and natural. But it’s a whole other thing to pick opponents who are…handicapped. That’s been the story for Floyd for the majority of his career, but most especially since he came back from his pseudo-retirement.

Mayweather Says Espinoza The Perfect Piece Against HBO

A little bit more critical thinking on expressing a complete and conclusive thought Alfred. alfred saenz well money will go into the fight razor sharp..ready to fight but his aged legs will not respond as the bout goes on! as for canelo his legs have not betrayed him! his movements are different than moneys..his legs are young and he is not flat footed as some would like to think! what might betray canelo is his lack of experience!

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez live update: Money taunts Alvarez

8. Barney Ross. 9. Hearns (at his best at jw). 10. Jack Britton.

Mayweather and Pacquiao Against the Greats: Part Two

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-$12 million is alot of money[/QUOTE] i bet your jealous sorry ass will watch the mayweather vs alvared fight. you can’t help yourself comment by flint , on 07-16-2013 [QUOTE=jbpanama]Not True Princess Flinto’s Mamma Likes Her a Lot!!![/QUOTE] the mayweather jealousy thickens comment by flint , on 07-16-2013 [QUOTE=amayseng]its also been projected by yourself that you are a gullible no brain zombie who believes everything he hears with a bias that is disturbing. you have no respect, no humility , no dignity. you have no spirit, you are not a http://mayweathervscaneloticketsnow.wordpress.com/ man. a man respects another man, he doesnt idolize … comment by M.O.B , on 07-16-2013 [QUOTE=The Weebler II]If someone was handing me $31m twice a year I’d say nice things about them too.[/QUOTE] RIGHT!

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