‘Tough times don’t last, tough people do’ – Floyd Mayweather Jr

had last taken charge of Floyd’s corner in 2000 prior to being booted out of his son’s house, and life, shortly after. Defensive nous A notable feature of Floyd Jr.’s unanimous points decision over Guerrero, the WBC’s interim champion while Mayweather was canelo alvarez vs floyd mayweather jr tickets in prison, became the fact that he had tightened up his defense — a product of his father’s work, the fighter says. “My dad is a remarkable trainer, a defensive wizard,” the man with the 44-0 record told CNN in an exclusive interview. “My dad brings everything.

Floyd Mayweather Will Regret Never Fighting Manny Pacquiao in His Prime

Mayweather told me that he thinks of these times whenever heas lacking motivation. “When I’m in the gym I think back. I said to myself, ‘I want a certain lifestyle, I want to be wealthy one day, I want to be the best.a Tough times donat last, tough people do.” Mayweather was in a reflective mood and our conversation took some unexpected turns. Since heas never lost a professional fight, I asked him about the last time head lost at something else. I was half expecting something like ping-pong or a family game of monopoly, not: aI lost my Uncle and my Grandfather in the same year – that was rough.a My next question, a playful but provocative – aWhen was the last time you crieda – suddenly seemed redundant.

may think Manny Pacquiao is a has-been, but what does that make him for never stepping in the squared circle with his arch-rival? Pacquiaos a has-been, his career is over, Mayweather said, according to ESPN.co.uk . [Juan] Manuel Marquez is a legend. I commend him. With Pac-Man coming off two straight losses, its hard to argue against Mayweathers assertion about the current state of his 34-year-old rivals abilities.

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